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Imam Q & A - Tattoos

Imam Q & A – Tattoos

Salaam Alaikum, I am curious about the permissibility of tattoos in Islam. I have been told that it is completely haraam because it prevents...
Imam Question and Answer

Imam Q & A – Inheritance

QUESTION: Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) commanded us that we (the ummah) should not die without a will so as to prevent fighting over inheritance. Why...
Imam Q&A - What about Gambling

Imam Q&A – What about Gambling?

Muslim American's Imam Q&A Our Question this month came via one of our Facebook users. If you have a question for one of our Imams...
Fatwa Regarding Islamic Home Financing for Muslim Americans

Fatwa Regarding Islamic Home Financing for Muslim Americans

In September of this year the AMJA Fiqh Committee Resident Fatwa Committee met in order to provide a resolution for Muslim Americans with relation to the issue of Islamic home financing. Following this meeting, the subsequent Fatwa was corresponded with the companies listed in order to clarify with issues regarding Shariah compliance. Sheikh Jamaal Zarabozo also participated in this meeting as it endeavored to answer the questions of truly Shariah compliant lending.

Is the West Inherently Un-Islamic ? (Yahya) Ederer

There is undoubtedly a Western-ophobia common among devoted Muslims, which is sometimes just as misplaced and unfair toward Western people and values as Islamophobia...

Can I give Thanks & Eat some Turkey this Week? 

Written by SUHAIB WEBB, originally published in November 2010, revised November 2013 Question Can I celebrate Thanksgiving with my parents? I converted a few years back and...
Breakfast and brotherhood | Islamic Magazine | Carolina Muslims

Carolina Muslims Imam Q & A

In the name of Allah the Merciful, the Compassionate. Praise is to Allah and prayers and peace are upon our master Muhammad the Messenger of...