October 10, 2020

About Muslim American, Inc;

Muslim American was established based on the demand of the Muslim community following the success of Carolina Muslims.  In May of 2014, our publisher began a small magazine in Charlotte, NC called Carolina Muslims which was established with the stated purpose of connecting Muslims and clarifying Islam for the masses.  In a short time the magazine grew from 16 pages to 24 pages, from a distribution of 800 copies to 2,000 and demand for copies, back issues and advertising space radically increased.  By October of 2014 it became clear that we had tapped into something that the ummah desperately needed and the decision was made to re-shape Carolina Muslims into a national publication.

January of 2015 marked the first issue of Muslim American and the public announcement of Muslim American, Inc as not only a publisher of Islamic information, but as a resource for Muslim goods. Merchandise such as modest clothing, sunnah health products, alcohol-free perfumes, body oils and even jewelry catered to Muslim tastes are available through the Muslim American shop.

As the distrust and anger rises in the hearts of the righteous and good hearted, we felt it is our responsibility to try and become a beacon of Muslim owned media. Our goals are simple: Represent oppressed US communities where large media refuses to and give voices to the underprivileged. We want to hear from the communities and read the stories of those who feel unheard. Muslim American will showcase articles from anyone in the US who meets the requirements and submits their piece on our site. Please visit the submit an article page for more information. If you know anyone who has a story who needs to be heard, we will listen. Muslim American will also provide articles periodically pertaining to current events and important topics as they come to light. 


We have a plethora of goals and ideas for how to grow our community. Currently, Muslim American provides islamic goods in store and online for new and current Muslims. We also provide affordable goods and resources to the incarcerated communities in the US. We work with a handful of prison systems and we are working to expand our network for those underprivileged brothers and sisters in prison. We plan to provide monthly updates in paper form to institutions without access to computers. This means that your articles can also appear in those updates where inmates can also gain insight on the state of affairs outside the facility. We also plan to design a community/forum on our website for Muslims and others to interact and discuss topics in an educated way that beautifully represents our deen.