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Arms spread wide, Will expresses dynamically during his lecture.

Islam and Liberty

The preservation of liberty in Islamic history is a vast topic beyond the scope of this analysis. But suffice it to say that these liberties were guaranteed by the teachings of the Islamic religion itself. This is in stark contrast to how the concept of liberty and freedom developed in western civilization.
Fatwa Regarding Islamic Home Financing for Muslim Americans

Fatwa Regarding Islamic Home Financing for Muslim Americans

In September of this year the AMJA Fiqh Committee Resident Fatwa Committee met in order to provide a resolution for Muslim Americans with relation to the issue of Islamic home financing. Following this meeting, the subsequent Fatwa was corresponded with the companies listed in order to clarify with issues regarding Shariah compliance. Sheikh Jamaal Zarabozo also participated in this meeting as it endeavored to answer the questions of truly Shariah compliant lending.
Mount Arafat

Significance of Arafa

By Imam Abdi Dahir My dear brothers and sisters in Islam, there is no anything that will happen Yawmul Qiyaamah, on the Day of Judgement accept...
My Journey To Islam

My Journey To Islam

by Zakiyyah Al Zahid My journey to Islam began when I was 16. I had been raised as a Christian with a strong sense of spirituality....
Make the Best of Ramadan

Make the Best of Ramadan

By Imam Atif Chaudary Assalamu alaikum, brothers and sisters, we're in the midst of the blessed month of Ramadhan. A month that is better than...
The work of Al-Biruni is only one piece of our Islamic Legacy that must be reclaimed.

Connecting With Our Islamic Legacy

"Connecting With Our Islamic Legacy" is derived from a Khutbah delivered by Imam Osamah Salhia of MAS Charlotte Full Audio of the Khutbah at the bottom...
antique compass with miniature sextant sits atop an old world map.

In Search of Pre-Columbian Muslim Americans

In recent years, there have been differing opinions and theories concerning possible evidence of a pre-Columbian Muslim presence in the Americas. We will discuss some select theories and research with their respective evidence and, insha’Allah, help to bring light to this complex and fascinating subject.

Verses from the QUR’AN to Save Our Community

Samia Mubarak Too often we hear how a city is so nice to live in, but "if only its Muslim community was more united." Many of the main problems Muslims face today are: racism,...

Islamic Q & A – Imam Osamah Salhia

Question: Assalamu aleykum, Last year I converted to Islam and my occupation caused me some issues because, as a skin therapist, I had to...
An Hour with Imam Khalil A. Akbar | Islamic Magazine | Carolina Muslims

An Islamic View of the True CHRISTMAS

Part 1 of the Muslim view on Jesus Christ Imam Khalil Akbar Christmas is a time of year where all of humanity can celebrate together in...