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Building Bridges with Interfaith Relations

Duston Barto On September 13, Masjid Ar-Razaaq hosted their annual interfaith banquet in conjunction with Mecklenburg Ministries. During this event, the gathered community of people was able to hear a brilliant keynote address by Imam Omar Shaheed from As-Salaam Islamic Center in Colombia, South Carolina. Following his keynote address, each religious leader from Baha'i, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jewish and Christian...

Verses from the QUR’AN to Save Our Community

Samia Mubarak Too often we hear how a city is so nice to live in, but "if only its Muslim community was more united." Many of the main problems Muslims face today are: racism, prejudice, sexism, backbiting, rumors, and other diseases that cause communities to be disunited. How can we save our communities? The Quran always has answers to our problems. What can our community learn from God's book to be strong...

An Islamic View of the True CHRISTMAS

An Hour with Imam Khalil A. Akbar | Islamic Magazine | Carolina Muslims
Part 1 of the Muslim view on Jesus Christ Imam Khalil Akbar Christmas is a time of year where all of humanity can celebrate together in many respects.  Muslims do not generally celebrate Christmas, but we must recognize the factual events of the virgin birth and the blessed nature of Jesus's birth.  In this article, Imam Khalil Akbar (a student of...

Carolina Muslims Imam Q & A

Breakfast and brotherhood | Islamic Magazine | Carolina Muslims
In the name of Allah the Merciful, the Compassionate. Praise is to Allah and prayers and peace are upon our master Muhammad the Messenger of Allah. Before answering the question, we must mention the rule and issues determined in our religion and clarify them: 1. Allah SWT created the human being, honored him, and preferred him over many of His creations. Allah...

Encouraging our Children’s Identities as Muslim Americans

Encouraging our Children's Identities as Muslim Americans
Isra Mohamed   Having school aged children in America has its own unique set of difficulties. Couple that with the onslaught of social media and technology, and you’ll find that the challenges parents face today have never been faced by prior generations. Whether you believe that your child should only celebrate Eid Al Adha and Eid Ul Fitr and nothing else or...

Fighting for Light, A moment with Hector Camacho, JR

“You know, recently I've been offered sponsorships from companies that are haram and I say no. The money may sound good but it's against Allah's words so I keep away from them. And that's what I believe in. Unfortunately it's like that but hey if you know what's in your heart then you live by it and go by God's way, it shouldn't bother nobody.”

Challenging the Ummah toward Righteousness

Interview with Imam Abraham Kamara of Masjid Keblataine in Charlotte, NC Duston Barto Originally hailing from the Ivory Coast of West Africa, Imam Abraham Kamara is at once imposing and welcoming. His physical stature towers over most but his demeanor is warm, friendly and inviting. Even though he has already completed a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Sharia at Al-Azar University in...

Reclaiming our Muslim-American Heritage

Imam Muhammad ibn Heshaam Jaabir talks to us about the Muslim American heritage.
Interview with Muhammad ibn Heshaam Jaabir Duston Barto A conversation with Muhammad ibn Heshaam Jaabir is like taking a trip through time as he enthusiastically reaches back to the deep roots of Western Sudan (Mali) to pull knowledge of his ancestors to help the Muslim American community of today. He even said that his favorite part of the Qur’an is Surah...