November 30, 2021
Ben Carson and his Bigotry Problem Ben Carson, GOP Candidate for President of the United States, has made a lot of extremely ignorant anti-Muslim comments lately. In this editorial, we explore the reasons why he may think this way.

Ben Carson and his Bigotry Problem

Dr. Ben Carson, Candidate for US President is an Anti-Muslim Bigot

Editorial – 9/28/2015

by Duston Barto, Editor

Ben Carson is a bigot. There, I said it.  I don’t think that Ben Carson means to be a bigot; I think that in some way he started on his path with the best of intentions.  Like so many people in the last decade and a half, somewhere along the road to patriotism he was derailed by the multi-million dollar anti-Islam hate industry. This industry has capitalized on propagating the idea that Muslims in America are somehow anti-American and unpatriotic. This industry is fueled by a group of people that thrive on chaos, hate and war as profiteers.  They spin a very enticing web of lies, half-truths and deceit which keeps the atmosphere of fear high enough to keep voting for people of particular mindsets which also carry other political policies that these people profit from.

But let’s get back to Dr. Ben Carson, an intelligent man who allowed another person’s bigotry to cloud his otherwise brilliant mind.  A man who passionately loves his country, and who has been led to believe that Muslims do not and therefore are a threat to the country he loves. The interviews in question paint Dr. Ben Carson in a very harsh light as he is directly quoted as saying “Islam is incompatible with the Constitution” and “Muslims should not be in charge of this country” and in a follow-up interview said that “Muslims must reject Sharia and the tenets of Islam.”  All of these statements are talking points from the Pamela Gellar school of Islamophobia and which sound legitimate to anyone who has only known about Islam through the media.

The proposition that Muslims must reject Sharia and the tenets of Islam is incredibly ludicrous.  Such an act would make the person no longer Muslim!  It is wholly unconstitutional to suggest or demand that a person renounce their faith in order to hold office in the United States. This sort of statement comes from the uninformed mind of someone who equates Sharia and the tenets of Islam with what many Muslims do in countries around the world.  These are acts of violence, injustice and oppression which are wholly incompatible with the Sharia of the Qur’an and the tenets of worship that Islam provides.

Sharia Law (a misnomer since the definition of “Sharia” contains “law”) is the interpretation and application of Qur’an and Hadith (Teachings and life example of Muhammad) into the everyday lives of Muslims.  Sharia law guides Muslims in how to pray, how to fast and how to raise children. Sharia dictates that Muslims must be charitable and honest in their jobs. Sharia guides Muslims to be honest and generous in dealings with all other people. Sharia as a system of criminal code does dole out harsh punishments for violent crimes but also dictates that no life may be taken except in retribution for murder or treason.  In reality, Sharia’s criminal code is not so different from the code Christian preachers were promoting when I went to church in the 1980s and 1990s.  Most of Sharia criminal code is wholly compatible with the justice system already in place.

Islam is wholly compatible with the US Constitution because the principles of Justice, Equality and Liberty are strongly interwoven in the code of Sharia and in the core of the tenets of Islam.

Dr. Ben Carson says that he would only trust a Muslim who renounces Islam.  I think that if Dr. Carson really learned about Islam and what it teaches then he would only trust a Muslim who fully embraces Islam.

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