Breakfast and Brotherhood

A brief report from ICC Masjid in Charlotte on April 14 2014

It has been 10 years since the weekend hadith class and breakfast program after Fajar salat got started in the Charlotte area. Sheikh Bassam conducted the breakfast class for several years at Masjid Mustafa on Saturdays. Now the Sheikh runs the class on Sundays at his masjid the Islamic Center of Charlotte in the Progress lane.

Breakfast and brotherhood | Islamic Magazine | Carolina MuslimsAfter the Fajar salat the Sheikh delivers his class reading and explaining hadith of Prophet Muhammad (saw).  The class takes people back to 1430 years and draws a picture of how the Prophet and his companions interacted. The hadiths that the Sheikh presented showed how the companions loved the Prophet and yearned for the divine guidance which Allah (swt) bestowed to the Prophet and how the Prophet taught people by walking the guidance.

Breakfast and brotherhood | Islamic Magazine | Carolina MuslimsThe much sought after calm and peaceful weekend Fajar time environment empty from the week day rush due to jobs and businesses has been adopted by many to attend these classes and enrich their lives.

His classes are more like a discussion yet an inspiring and learning session. The Sheikh intermittently brings examples of people and their issues from his experiences as an Imam for more than two decades in the US. The Sheikh also keeps people busy with his sporadic challenging quiz questions. The winners are rewarded with candy from his special jar. You can see both adults and kids in the class eagerly listening and engaging in discussion.

Breakfast and brotherhood | Islamic Magazine | Carolina MuslimsWhile the class is going on there are some individual who dedicate themselves preparing the breakfast for the attendees. After the class the brothers sit on a spread and go in to more discussions and questions some related to what they listened and some from outside the subject. No question goes unanswered. The Sheikh is always willing and happy to guide the people.

Breakfast and brotherhood | Islamic Magazine | Carolina MuslimsThe weekend breakfast program has found its way in to different masjids in the Charlotte area. Now the program is initiated in the South Musalla and MAS UMAC.

The brothers always leave feeling refreshed having rekindled their brotherhood. Those who come always look forward to the next Sunday session.

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