Central Mosque of Charleston Open House

On Saturday 21st April, The Central Mosque of Charleston on 1082 King Street was busy with non muslim guests who came to attend the semi annual open house organized by the Mosque and the director of Shifa Clinic, Dr. Reshma Khan.

Dr. Reshma Khan opened the sesssion and invited Imam Aby Yacoob who welcomed the guests. The President of the Mosque, Amer Mahmood thanked the guests and briefed them on the Mosque and the services it offers and the outreach activities it undertakes.

Imam Eesaa Wood from the Furqan Foundation delivered the presentation filled with enough information on Islam for some one to know the basics. He sprinkled light humor and made the presentation live, engaging and entertaining for all.

The hour long presentation ended with Question and Answer session. The Mayor of Charleston, South Carolina, John Tecklenburg expressed his gratitude and support for such outreach efforts in strengthening the friendship between all residents of Charleston.


The Organizers had prepared dinner for the guests. Imam Abu Yacoob’s Hummus and meatballs were a hit. There were enough vareity of other delicacies that enhanced socialization and brought the Open House to a good savory ending.

The Mosque is eyeing Dec 2017 for the next Open house.

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