Justice and Fairness in Islam

Justice and Fairness in Islam

Imam Bassam Obeid

Islamic Center of Charlotte, 1700 Progress Ln, Charlotte NC 28205
“O, you who believe! Stand firmly for justice, as witnesses to God, even if against yourselves, or your parents, or your relatives. Whether one is rich or poor, God takes care of both. So do not follow your desires, lest you swerve. If you deviate, or turn away; then God is Aware of what you do.” – Qur’an 4:135

There is Justice in Islam between mankind and God, and between believers, and between believers and non-believers. Each pattern of justice and fair dealing is spelled out in the Qur’an as God guides mankind to worship through acts of kindness and mercy to one another as well as the rituals of worship to Him.

When you witness, you must tell the truth. Even when you have a conversation with others, you must be just and fair in communication.  We are constantly tested in the way we conduct ourselves to be just and fair. We must be willing to witness against ourselves, our family, and our friends in the interests of serving justice. The greatest test is when you are just and fair to those who have wronged you.

In order to illustrate how this justice and fairness has been patterned by the companions of the Prophet, Sheikh Bassam gave many examples from the great leaders of the early Muslims. One of the strongest of these examples is of Ali and Muawiyah. These two men disagreed strongly with one another. However, Muawiyah still respected Ali as a leader and would send messengers when he needed help on a ruling.

We must be strong in our faith to project justice in every action and deal with our fellow man in fairness and equity at all times.

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