Learning With Muslim American’s Resources

“Iqra!” Meaning to read, recite, understand is a command for all Muslims; this indicates that learning is an active process that must never stop for us.

Insh’allah beginning this year (2015) we will have seminars to provide beneficial information to the Muslim American community. ┬áIn the beginning, our seminars will cater mostly to the local community in Charlotte, NC. As we grow, we plan on having webinars and video seminars available for the entire Muslim American community.

Our Seminars will not focus exclusively on religious topics. We will discuss issues of social justice, interfaith coordination/cooperation, business saavy and methods of strengthening the Muslim American community. Our hope is that by learning new methods, or learning new concepts, that the community can become more business saavy as well as motivated toward community building.

We look forward to providing you all with great service in these seminars, please feel free to contact us with any questions.

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