October 12, 2020
Past, Present and Future: MAS Moving Forward

Past, Present and Future: MAS Moving Forward

The Launching of Community-Built Initiatives in Charlotte

The challenge for any faith-based community with multiple organizations and groups is to achieve and maintain a unified front on common goals which affect society. Unity frequently eludes such a community primarily due to the influence of Satan, our earthly inclinations, and the desire to maintain control over our limited dominion. On a positive note, all the centers and organizations are pushing to achieve different goals, competing to do good for the sake of Allah, but anytime our community is faced with universal challenges or city wide concerns, they work together towards one goal.

Glancing back to 2006, many can recall when the Muslim American Society of Charlotte secured the 35,000 sq. ft. facility off Shamrock Drive, dubbing it the MAS Community Center.  In the project’s infancy, the boards of the various mosques and Islamic schools were invited to see how their organization could utilize the premises.  Ideas were strewn about, such as a softball league, soccer tournaments, unifying the two Islamic schools and much more.  Unfortunately, this ideal scenario did not materialize.  However, alhamdullilah, over the course of the last decade, strong relationships have developed with many organizations.  The MAS Community Center was host to numerous events co-sponsored by different masajid such as Eid Carnivals and Festivals. There were conferences organized by Masjid Ash-Shaheed, interfaith events by organizations such as The Muslim Women of the Carolinas, Being There, and The American Islamic Outreach Foundation which also launched the region’s first Muslim-run free health clinic, Shifa Clinic.  Slowly, but surely, Allah is opening the doors of the Center to the community.

In an effort to provide and maximize community benefit, the Muslim American Society of Charlotte, in coordination with the Muslim American Society (National), have decided to launch two new initiatives. The first pertains to the current community center and the second is the new Northeast project.

Through the efforts of dedicated community members, the Muslim Education Center (MEC) and the Muslim Community Center of Charlotte (MCC) have been formed. The purpose is to open membership to anyone and everyone interested. This action transforms these two projects into long-term community assets.  MAS Charlotte will continue to organize and provide quality programs in these locations. However, the stewardship will be handed over to elected community members who will safeguard these Trusts for the foreseeable future. The fact is that having multiple facilities to serve the Muslim and non-Muslim community in the decades to come is a blessing from Allah (SWT).

Prior to the official launches of both MEC and MCC; MEC negotiated a long term lease with a new independent full-time Islamic school, Intellicor International Academy, planning to serve grades K-12 starting August 2016 Intellicor will operate under the leadership of its founder Dr. Mohammad Adnan Alghorani, who holds a PhD in School Psychology from the University of Texas, Austin. After a few years, Intellicor will relocate to MEC (formerly MAS Community Center on Shamrock) where it will reside lease free indefinitely. MEC hopes to energize the community with this new initiative, in addition to a variety of other programs to propagate Islamic knowledge and promote general education to society at large.
This Ramadan, both MEC and MCC will launch their respective programs and projects. MEC will offer Iftar and Taraweh Services at 4301 Shamrock Drive, while MCC will offer Taraweh in the University area at the former Countryside Montessori School Gym, located at 9026 Mallard Creek Road. In the spirit of cooperation, there will be six Qura’a at the two sites with some rotation to diversify recitation styles. In addition, Qari Abdelkareem Edghouch will lead the Taraweh one night at each location.
After Ramadan, MCC will focus on building out the first phase of the new Community Center at 3124 Johnston Oehler Road. Alhamdullilah, the property, which measures 13.65 acres, has been paid off. The Phase I facility will be a 9300 sq.ft. building that will serve as a temporary Masjid with 4 large ancillary rooms, and lounge areas for both brothers and sisters. This will be constructed, insha’Allah, within the next two years.

MAS Charlotte is excited to engage with the community in this giving, collaborative way. Not only will this empower the Charlotte Muslims, insha’Allah, but it will also provide MAS Charlotte with the flexibility to work beyond the walls of one center and to provide its services and programs to other localities. MAS Charlotte is here to serve you and your families through community service, youth programming and personal development. If you are interested in any of these projects and getting involved, send an email today.

MAS Charlotte – info@mascharlotte.org (programs, youth work and tarbiya)
MCC – info@charlottemcc.org  (Northeast Community Center Project)
MEC – info@meccharlotte.org (Shamrock Facility)

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