February 12, 2021
Plant a seed this Ramadan

Plant a seed this Ramadan

Imagine planting a seed and carefully watering it on a daily basis. Slowly but surely, after nurturing that seed, you will see it bloom into a beautiful blossoming flower. The end result makes your effort at the beginning worth every drop of sweat you shed.

Ramadan is soon to be knocking on our doors, and as this beautiful month approaches, it is time for us to start planting our seeds. In what areas of your life do you have shortcomings? How can get you closer to God? What changes do you want to make to better yourself as a person and as a servant of your Creator? Plant those seeds now, for Ramadan is a time to water and care for them. With every fast, every sajda (prostration), every donation, every letter you read of the Quran, you are watering your seeds. And when Eid comes, God-willing you will see the fruits and blessings of those seeds come to life.

You may currently be at a low point in your life, needing something to pick you back up, and that’s why Ramadan is so essential in our lives. It’s a chance to repent, a chance to change and get closer to God. You may feel like you’ve made so many mistakes between last Ramadan and now, and that there is no more hope for your darkened heart. This is where the Quran brings out a concept so powerful.

God says in the Quran, chapter 57, verse 16: “Isn’t it time for the hearts of the believers to humble themselves to the remembrance of God…”. Isn’t it time for you and I to prioritize God in our daily lives? The verse continues and says not to become like those whose hearts hardened with time. When you’re lacking in remembrance of your Creator, when you stop praying to Him and asking Him for your needs, a hardened heart is almost inevitable. But this is why the next verse is so pertinent.

God says next: “Know that God brings life to the earth after it was dead. We’ve made Our proofs clear to you so you can understand.” God shows us that a dead land, a land we deemed absolutely lifeless, can come to life once again. A seed you assumed would never be sown now has a chance of becoming a beautiful blossoming flower. When you feel so far from Allah, filled with mistakes, with a heart so dark, know that God can bring light back into your heart, just as He gave life back to the dead land. There is always hope. And God starts off this verse by saying “Know”. Know it like nothing else, believe it, embody it, and let that be your motivation to plant a seed this Ramadan.

Start today and ask yourself : What will you harvest out of Ramadan?

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