Tanzeel ul Quran – Part 3

Ifikhar Sayid
Bismillah ir Rahmaan ir Raheem

Surah Al-Muddathir (Quran traditional order 74), Al Makkiah, Ayat 56, Rukuh 2

In order of Revelation, this Surah comes next to Surah Al- Alaque. The first 5 Ayah of Al- Alaque were the initial revelation of Quranic ayat to the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) following his receiving of the Divine Ordination and glad tidings of his appointment as a Prophet of Allah (SWT). There was a long period of time when, after the first revelation the Prophet PBUH did not receive any Divine message. He was so disappointed, perturbed and aggrieved that he wished to end his life by jumping off a high cliff, then one day the Arch Angel Gabriel appeared and told him that he was the Prophet of Allah (SWT) and Allah had not forsaken him at all. He further said that Allah (SWT) just wanted his beloved Messenger to accumulate the required strength to carry on the task of Prophethood in the upcoming 23 years of his life. After this reassurance, Gabriel delivered the first seven ayat of this Surah.

Ayah 1. O’ the who wraps up (with a garment).

Ayah 2. Arise and deliver the warning.

Ayah 3. And declare the greatness of your Lord.

Ayah 4. And keep your clothing pure.

Ayah 5. And forsake uncleanliness.

Ayah 6. And do not wish for gain by good deeds.

Ayah 7. And be patient for the sake of your Lord.

Ayah  8. Finally when the trumpet is blown.

Ayah  9. That will be a day of great distress.

Ayah  10. Particularly for the disbeliever it will not be easy.

Ayah  11. Leave me alone to deal with the person whom I created bare and alone.

Ayah  12. And then I granted him wealth in abundance.

Ayah  13. And I gave him a number of sons to stand by him.

Ayah  14. For him I made life easy and comfortable.

Ayah  15. Then on top of these bounties he wanted more and more.

Ayah  16. No Never! He has been refractory to our signs.

Ayah  17. Soon I will face him with a uphill climb and a mountain of calamities.

Ayah 18. Definitely he thought and plotted.

Ayah  19. And woe to him! How he plotted.

Ayah  20. And woe to him; How he plotted.

Ayah  21. Then he looked around.

Ayah  22. Then he frowned and scowled.

Ayah  23. Then he turned away and was haughty.

Ayah  24. Then he said this is nothing but magic, coming from old times.

Ayah  25. This (Quran) is nothing but the word of a Human.

Ayah  26. I will soon cast him into the Hell-fire.

Ayah  27. And what will make you know what Hell-fire is?

Ayah  28. It neither leaves anything to survive nor leaves anything alone.

Ayah  29. It scorches the skin of the mortal.

Ayah  30. Over it (Hell-fire) are nineteen wardens.

Ayah  31. And We have not made these wardens of the Fire except angels. And We have not made their number except as a trial for nonbelievers – so that the people of the book and the believers may have extended faith. And so that the people of the book and the believers may not harbor any doubts. And so that the people who have diseased hearts ( of hypocrisy) and the disbelievers may say “ What Allah intends by this example”? thus Allah leads astray whom he wills and guides whom he wills. And none apprehends the number and strength of army of your Lord except Him. And mention of the Fire is not but a reminder to humanity.

Ayah  32. Not at all, I swear by the moon.

Ayah  33. And by the night as it retreats.

Ayah  34. And by dawn as it shines forth.

Ayah  35. Indeed the hell is one of the greatest of the creations.

Ayah  36. A warning to the whole of mankind.

Ayah  37. To whoever wants to proceed or wants to retreat.

Ayah 38. Every soul will be (held) in pledge for its deeds.

Ayah  39. Except for the people of the right hand. (that is the righteous people).

Ayah  40. They will be in the gardens. They will ask each other.

Ayah  41. About the Sinners.

Ayah  42. As to what led them to the Hell fire.

Ayah  43. They will reply: we were not of those who prayed.

Ayah  44. Nor the ones who fed the destitute.

Ayah  45. And they would admit that they joined those who talked against the truth.

Ayah  46. And they would admit they disbelieved in the Day of Judgment.

Ayah  47. Until there came to us the certainty (death).

Ayah  48. So (at this stage) no intercession of the intercessors will benefit them.

Ayah  49. ( Allah Says) Then what is the matter with them that they are turning away from the admonition?

Ayah  50. (Allah says that they are behaving) As if they were frightened (wild) donkeys,

Ayah  51. Fleeing from the lion.

Ayah  52. No indeed, every person of them desires that he may be given pages spread open to be brought to him.

Ayah  53. By no means! But they had no fear of the hereafter.

Ayah  54. No!  Indeed this (Quran) is an Admonition.

Ayah  55. So whoever wills (wants to learn) will remember it.

Ayah  56. And they will not remember (learn the lesson) except that Allah wills. He and He only is worthy of being feared and worthy to forgive.


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