Honey, Allah’s Remedy Honey has been used by Muslims for centuries as a source of healing.

Honey, Allah’s Remedy

Honey is evidence of Allah’s Mercy to us. Let us see the miracle within.

Duston Barto

The humble bee was given a mission by Allah to create honey for us.  The mercy of Allah is so grand that he makes the creation in submission to Him for the benefit of mankind. Even before Muhammad’s prophecy came and before the Qur’an was uttered into the minds and hearts of the Arabs, it was known to be a great source of healing.  The ancient Egyptians described on papyrus scrolls how to use it to heal the eyes and Chinese medicine explained how to use it for all manner of remedies.  However, with the advent of Islam, the revelation of Allah’s purpose to the bee reinforced the power of honey and began a 1400-year long exploration into all of its benefits.

Honey in liquid form is most common, however many people choose to also consume the honeycomb as beeswax has many natural properties as well. Whipped/creamed honey has merely been frothed with air via mechanical whipping, often incorporating the comb into the whipping process to make a spread. Crystallized honey has stored long enough for the natural sugars to form crystals and become more solid, this can be melted by placing it in a bath of warm water. NEVER place honey in the microwave, this will destroy most of the natural health properties.

Eating honey that is collected within 50 miles of your home can soothe or completely eliminate asthma, hay fever or pollen allergies.

To cure digestion issues, simply mix honey with apple cider vinegar in a 1:1 ratio and dilute with warm water to taste (some may prefer drinking it straight).  This comes directly from a series of Hadith related by Abu Sa’id Al-Khudri who reported that Allah’s messenger ordered such a cure.

To heal conjunctivitis and other inflammations of the eye, honey can be dissolved in warm water, and then as the water cools it can be used as an eye bath or lotion to soothe the eyes.

Honey is used topically to soothe burns, scrapes and even insect bites; including, ironically, the sting of a bee!

The combination of honey and cinnamon has been known for centuries in Oriental medicine as a cure for chronic bad breath and hair loss plus modern medicine shows that honey’s antioxidant properties along with those in cinnamon are like a one-two punch to help reduce the damage caused to cells by aging. Some research indicates that antioxidants help to prevent or slow cancer.

Since honey contains nearly pure energy it helps the body to “feel full” so adding it to one’s diet can improve the quality and effectiveness of any weight loss plan.

Lastly, a combination of honey, cayenne pepper, lemon juice and crushed garlic steeped as a hot tea (remove the garlic before drinking) can eliminate a wide variety of viral and bacterial infections to get you well and back to work (or school) days earlier.

DISCLAIMER: This information was collected from numerous sources; the writer of this article is not a health professional. Please consult a medical professional regarding all health issues.


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