December 6, 2020
Spend Some Time on the Farm

Spend Some Time on the Farm

Amish people have established their communities with a clean way of life for the last 300 years. While they are most famous for shunning all things modern, there is much more to their way of life. For Muslims, what is most striking is the modest dress for men (including beards!) and women, strong work ethic and the humane raising of animals. In fact, most halal and zabiha meat produced in the United States comes from Amish farms due to the kind hand used in raising livestock.

So why not take the family for an experience in the simple life? There are many tourist options in both Pennsylvania and Ohio where the two largest Amish communities are established. These travel opportunities allow your family to get away from modern conveniences and give you the chance to return to a simpler time. It can be refreshing for our children to see where food comes from and gain a better respect for how we, as Muslims, should care for our land.

While tourists are not traditionally allowed to stay within the isolated community, daily visits are easily arranged and traditional Amish farmhouses have been maintained for tourists to have the full experience of living as the Amish do without interfering with the lives of those who choose to live in the more isolated communities.

Two horses stand in a pasture grazing and looking about while flowers line the fence before them.Most farmhouse bed & breakfast rates in the Lancaster County, Pennsylvania area range from $80-$125 a night for a couple with just a few dollars more (no extra charge in some cases) for each child. Most offer farm experience opportunities and fresh food inclusive with the room rates.

Visit any of the following websites for more information on exploring the Amish country for your vacation this year:

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