Christmas as a Muslim, AKA How I Divorced Santa

Xmas sign is shown with parts knocked over, indicating that it is neglected. What do we need to get rid of from Christmas as a Muslim? How should we deal with family? This article provides some answers.

One Convert’s Struggle to Surrender Christmas as a Muslim

By Duston Barto

For most Americans, Christmas goes far beyond a religious celebration and becomes a culturally integrated part of the American experience.  Many people in America who celebrate Christmas may never go to church the whole year or raise their hands for a prayer “in Jesus’ name.” Nevertheless, they will get a twinkle in their eyes and excitement in the heart as the last two pages of the calendar appear. Christmas as a Muslim, especially as a convert, can be a difficult time indeed. It is hard to know where to put yourself. Insha’Allah in this article I can share my own experience and the pattern that has worked for me.

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Green Burial: the Last Good Deed

Linda “iLham” Barto

Say, “Truly, my prayer, my service of sacrifice, my life, and my death are for Allah, the Cherisher of the Worlds” (Surah 6: 162).

Recently my husband Tom and I visited a green burial, wildlife preserve. Ramsey Creek Preserve in South Carolina is the first of its kind in the USA. Not only are burials natural, but also the forested preserve supports native plants and wildlife, including bears, deer, raccoons, bobcats, and opossums. It is 120 acres that include hiking trails, a creek with a water fall, a picnic area, and an interfaith chapel. It is a unique place where death is celebrated with life.

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Our Community, United in Worship

Our Community, United in Worship - Imam Atif Khutbah
As Ramadan came to a close, our Charlotte community once again showed the strength in our unity by coming together in the thousands for a united Eid prayer.
Confusion over the new facility and adjustments aside, the Eid prayers were once again a symbol of our united brotherhood in Islam.

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Eid Isn’t Just for Kids

Silver & Gold look is accented by Eid Creations Crescent and star ensemble plates and napkins. Plastic goblets and chromed plastic forks and spoons set things off beautifully at an affordable price.

by Rana from Eid Creations

I remember when I was young and Eid was a great, fun event. It was a time to gather with the family and play with all our cousins. I loved the idea of wearing new clothes and getting gifts from adults, which always consisted of an envelope full of money. I wish I had received wrapped gifts like those my neighbors got during their holidays. I remember their excitement while waiting and guessing on the content inside. I wished I had that long awaited suspense during my Eid, but in my case, I never knew what to do with the money I received.

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Sakura (Cherry Blossom) Festivals

A single cherry flower blooms on the tree.

There are many celebrations for springtime as all the flowers emerge and the world emerges from sleep. Perhaps the most brilliant and celebrated display of spring is the Sakura (cherry blossom)
festival. Originally this was a celebration that could only be found in Japan; however over a century ago Japanese envoys presented America with the gift of cherry blossom trees. For the last 102 years America’s capital has enjoyed the sakura blossom festival every spring in late March. The festival in DC will run from March 20th through April 12th with the official parade date of April 11th, 2015.

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The Places You’ll Pray

The Places You’ll Pray

Where there are Muslims, there is a place to pray. We Muslims have a hadith “The (whole) earth has been made a Masjid for you, so where ever you are at the time of prayer, pray there.” We tend to take this quite literally.

Stalking the wild prayer spot is definitely an adventure in keeping sunnah.

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