Our Community, United in Worship

As Ramadan came to a close, our Charlotte community once again showed the strength in our unity by coming together in the thousands for a united Eid prayer.
Confusion over the new facility and adjustments aside, the Eid prayers were once again a symbol of our united brotherhood in Islam.

Following the Eid Prayer, Imam Atif from ISGC delivered a beautiful khutbah. He encouraged us to work together better, to reach out to our community and to not live in fear of being identified as Muslims.

The weekend following the Eid was filled with celebration and festivities with our communities… united.

Imam Atif Chaudhry of the Islamic Center of Greater Charlotte stands to delver a lecture to the united worshipers.
Imam Atif gives the united Charlotte ummah guidance during his Eid khutbah.

Our Community, United in Worship - Imam Atif Khutbah

A colorful train carries kids of all ages through a carnival playground at ISGC that was created for celebrating a united Eid festival.
Train rides were fun for kids of all ages.

Dozens of families gathered for a picnic in the park at the 2nd Annual Banu Adam family reunion on Eid 2015
Ash-Shaheed’s picnic filled Rolling Hills park. (Photo by Yusuf Nance)
Crowds gathered at the united Eid celebration at ISGC.
The united Community Eid Festival held on Sunday, July 19th was brought together with the efforts of MAS, ICC and ISGC and held on ISGC grounds. The Bazaar was packed with festival goers and the play area was nonstop action with kids enjoying all the fun they could pack into an afternoon.
Henna is applied to a young girl's hand during Eid.
Women and girls went home with henna to mark the occasion.

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